Top Vacation Spots for 2018

Bunglo's Top 8 Vacation Spots for 2018

We all need a little more sun in the winters!

Take off to a far away land to retreat in nature, float in the ocean and enjoy lazy days of relaxation.

We've rounded up our favorite vacation spots for 2018 just for you!

1. Cario, Egypt

A magical city to hold ancient secrets. A perfect getaway for the curious!


2. Sri Lanka

Ride elephants, swim in the ocean and explore the tropics.

3. Islands of Thailand

Enjoy a fresh coconut on a pristine Thai beach. Learn about buddhism and enjoy the land of smiles :)

4. Hawaii

Tropical USA exists! No passport needed and an abundance of natural wonders await!



5. Tulum, Mexico

A hidden gem tucked in the jungle, Tulum is a one of a kind beach town that is known to enlighten the soul.


6. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Turquoise waters and afro-caribbean music. Enjoy rainforest sounds, daily yoga and natural vitamin D :)

7. Bocas Del Toro, Panama

A quick trip from Costa Rica, Bocas Del Toro is an untouched chain of islands that is a must see for water lovers!

8. Cape Town, South Africa

Get lost in Cape Town's colorful neighborhood, Boo Kap. Learn to surf and spend your days at the beach.

Where are you going next?