Camping in Haiti

I love these beautiful images, they share the positive spirits of haiti. After the earth quakes, the clinton global initiative teamed up with students of the world and sent me to photograph the rebuilding projects in partnership with un techo para mi pais. These are powerful people, with souls brighter than I could've ever imagined. Their strength, compassion and unity is unlike what I've seen in my own community.

I spent my time in Haiti camping in the desert, eating an oatmeal type of mush 3 times a day and woke up to a chicken laying eggs in my backpack (strange - yes!). I bathed with a bucket behind a truck and ran around like a child in the midnight sky dancing. These were some of my favorite days of life so far.

I left with a new light in me, inspired to bring back this same energy into my own life, family and neighborhood. When times are tough, we must step up and help. We are all connected, all one.