Raw Food Grocery List

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People always ask what I buy at the market as a raw foodist so I decided to give a visual idea of my grocery cart! I buy lots of cucumbers and celery for the base of most juices, grapefruits and apples to add sweetness, along with cilantro and parsley to flavor my salads. Avocados are filling and contain lots of omega 3’s that help our skin and brains :) As for kale, I usually end up buying it a few times a week and switch between dinosaur and curly kale. Besides the produce, I always make almond milk and buy frozen fruit for smoothies, beans (I try to sprout them if possible), and raw nuts. I make sure to have plenty of apple cider vinegar for my salads, braggs (great salt replacement) and coconut oil on hand. I use coconut oil in my smoothies, desserts and even as a face serum! You can also use apple cider vinegar for a natural face astringent and raw honey as soap!

Happy shopping!