I Make Things that Fall Out of my Head


I was recently in a show with local Austin artists, there was an artist selling hand carved knives right next to me. Someone stopped to ask him where his ideas come from and he replied, ‘I make things that fall out of my head’.  I had to write it down… I made this drawing for him because his mindset for creating art is exactly how I feel when I start drawing. I should have been using this line in art school critiques 4 years ago; because it’s so true, when we’re truly being creators, we allow for our soul to open and we aren’t always sure of the inspiration source. Sometimes it’s nice to create out of nothing, to drop all expectations and plans before starting. If everything is perfectly timed then the journey never has a chance to live. So next time someone asks where your art comes from, don’t stress about giving an articulate answer, you can just reply by saying, ‘I make things that fall out of my head’. :) Create from the soul and make art that is YOU!