Gigi in India


Gigi was purchased at a grocery store in Italy while Shay and Erica were traveling in 2012. Since then, they've take her on their adventures and love the character she has become!


Photos by Shay Spaniola // Text by Erica Wedes


Gigi is my alter ego. She is the part of me who loves laughter from shock - a sense of humor which my papa valued so much. 

"And within the realm of laughter, he says light and darkness merge , no longer existing as separate or distinct conditions. A people who could live in that realm would be free of all of life’s dualities..." -Tom Robbins, Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates 

When I put on Gigi, I know people will laugh. Everywhere in the world so far they have laughed. I think they laugh because she is absurd.

Gigi is playful and whimsical, but most of all, she is bashful. She almost permanently looks dumbfounded - as if dropped into her location without preparation or notice. Her face says “umm...” in a low pitched voice. When people catch a glance of her, their mind is tricked and they must look again. In that moment, they laugh at their own brain’s tricks and they cease to take the world seriously, light and dark merge, if only for a split second.

The laugher is contagious.