Mystical Moments from the Ganga River in India

Video by Shay Spaniola // Text by Erica Wedes

Rivers are the primal highways. From the crack of time, they have borne men’s dreams, and in their lovely rush to elsewhere, fed our wanderlust, mimicked our arteries, and charmed our imaginations.

-Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

Rishikesh is humbling. The suspended julas (bridges) makes me feel like an ant on a stick, walking over the holy and feisty waters of The Ganga. 

The hills at the foot of the Himalayas bring new perspective. While they seem grand, they are children in comparison to their snow-capped elders. The jungle hills contain trees with single leaves larger than my entire body. They teach me to absorb their energy and carry it with me. I will bring the light and energy of India home with me, not in the belongings in my suitcase, not in the memories in my head, but in my present energy, shaped by experience, humbling mountains, laughter and chai.