Thailand Elephant Sanctuary

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Photos + Video by Shay Spaniola // Text by Erica Wedes


Yesterday we rode elephants in the jungle and last night we rode a motor bike through Chiang Mai - the difference between swaying on a lump of earth and soaring on a shooting star. We held on for dear life in both scenarios. Because life feels precious when you put your safety in the hands of obscure modes of transportation. Every lean counts. 


The motor bike was fun, but the elephants stole my heart. I have heard they can do this with their endearing personalities, but I had to feel their magic for myself. Between feeding and washing and kissing the elephants, I realized these gargantuan molds of dinosaur-esk mud with spiky, coarse hair and banana tree leaf ears have the sensitivity of a new mother, affection of an old friend and sense of humor of a grandpa.


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