Halloween in Spain


Our lovely candle arrangements for our Halloween party. 


Our unreal costumes. Erica and I cut bones shapes out of a pillow case and sewed them on black clothing. 


Our Spanish friend, Victor, invited us to his Halloween party on Friday. When we arrived to his house, we had to make our way through the haunted house that all of his friends put together. We walked around his candle lit pool as creepy clowns and zombie creatures tugged on our clothing, way worse than any haunted house I’ve seen in the States.  Victor set up a grave yard and went way over the top with Halloween. In Spain, Halloween isn’t really celebrated, but the people that do, dress up in beyond scary costumes. Our skeleton costumes were put to shame by the professional face painted zombies. Victor’s a teacher, so of course had arranged games for us. At 3:30 in the morning we were running through the fields of Malaga playing ‘capture the pumpkin’, I was crawling through dirt trying to communicate with my team in my broken Spanish, trying to figure out what were doing, I never really understood the game… but apparently my team won!

… a night I’ll never forget! My favorite Halloween yet, thanks Victor!

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