My School, La Alhaurin De La Torre, Spain.


La Alhaurin de la Torre is a small mountain pueblo outside of Malaga, I have to walk 40 minutes every morning to the bus stop and commute another 40 minutes by bus, it’s a long trip but it’s worth living in the city.  Alhaurin is the spanish equivalent to Pleasantville, everything is perfect, from the beautifully trimmed hedges and freshly painted villas to the overly helpful people at the markets.  All the teachers at my school are so helpful, they are always looking out for me and giving me advice. My school director, Rita, studied abroad in England when she was younger, her english is perfect and almost everyone at my school speaks proficient english.  The other day I went out with a few of the teachers for lunch after school, we enjoyed a 3 course meal and then followed me back to Malaga to shop!


The beautiful villas in Alhaurin, I wish I could find a painting studio here :)


I see the sunrise every morning on my way to school!  I order a cafe con leche at a local cafe because my bus arrives 30 minutes before school starts. 


My school, Clara Campoamor! I have to walk up a huge hill to get to the school, I’m usually out of breath for a good 10 minutes once I get to school.  I teach grades 3 - 6, I help teachers prepare english lessons that correspond to their science and history lessons.  I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm, somedays, Erica and I take the bus after school to nearby beach towns to catch the last of the sun.