Core Customer Workbook

Core Customer Workbook


Confused on how to manage your business finances? The Finance Toolkit will provide you with everything you’ll need to manage your finances - from figuring out if you need an investor, business loan or to start super small - I’ll give you the basics of where to start your journey!

We’ll go over basics like Angel Investing, Series A funding vs Series B - how to figure out what your company’s valued at. How to find and connect with investors online. How to create a pitch deck. I’m even inclosing a pitch deck template


  • How to use your income statement and balance sheet to manage your finances.

  • Planning projections and cash flow statements quarterly, annually and long term.

  • How to find investors and working capital for your business.


  • Cash Flow Worksheet.

  • Income Statement Spreadsheet.

  • Balance Statement Spreadsheet.


  • Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses.

Lesson Time: 1.5 Hours